About This Site

Welcome to my website, A Journey of Lions and Lambs.  I have self-published works on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and all the channels Smashwords reaches (Kobo, Apple, etc.).

Now that the boring introduction is over, I’ll describe what this page is about and what it is not.  The name references the title of my series of books (the first is published and I’m working on the second) called the Lions and Lambs Saga.  It sounds impressive anyway (or I hope it does).  Check out the Published Works page for full descriptions.

So, why the name?  I don’t plan to bore you with my “journey” as an author or endless posts about where I am in my writing.  I probably won’t try to impart some great knowledge I’ve learned or pedantic wisdom I’ve gained through — whatever.  Well, I might slip one in every now and then when I feel like it, just to make sure you’re listening, of course.  I named my site, A Journey of Lions and Lambs, because I like the name, and it’s my site– so there.

But seriously, I think the world is full of metaphorical lions and lambs.  Not that I believe a person is always one or the other.  One’s role changes due to circumstances and the company of others at the time.  I like to watch people, so my plan is to share some of my insights into how people interact with each other.  Were they a lion or a lamb?  Who knows, I might see you out there someday and talk about you here.


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