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This is my very first blog; and that says a lot.  I’m not a real social kind of person.  Before I self-published my books online, I pretty much stayed off social media.  You see, I’m a professional computer programmer.  That is, computer programming is how I make my living.  I don’t particularly like it or dislike it.  I just happen to be good at it and that’s what I’ve done throughout my career.  I used to just be a computer programmer, because I used to love doing it — and I made money at it — which was nice.  Now I’m just a professional.

I am also a writer.  Not a professional writer, mind you.  This is not how I make my living (I wish).  I just love to write; always have.  I’ve written a bunch of small stuff that never got published, but I didn’t care.  I still wrote.  Then one day, I got this idea for a novel.  I ended up calling it A Gathering of Lions and Lambs.  It started flowing out of me and I got it all down on paper (or computer screen) as fast as I could.  I paid no attention to the number of chapters or words.  When I finally wrote my last sentence, I sat back and took a deep breath.  It was 293,000 words long.

I panicked.  I had never done anything like that before.  And I knew it would never be published.  Only a select few writers can get away with publishing a book that long.  So I started editing and got it down to a slender 212,000 words.  Arrgghh, still too long!.  I decided I had enough material to make two books.  That’s what I did.  Now I have A Gathering of Lions and Lambs published and I’m editing the second book.  I also know what the third book will be.  It’s kind of cool.

Said all that to say this.  Now that I’ve published a couple of books, I have to be more sociable.  Do a blog, have a website, and, yes, even have a Facebook page.  That’s okay, I can behave when I try.  I do like to watch people and comment on how they act.  I’ll be doing that in my following posts.


2 thoughts on “Beginnings

    Donna Dubert said:
    January 27, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    I am reading A Gathering of Lambs and Lions and it says it is a Saga. So the next obvious question is when is the second one coming out. I really hate to read series without them all being out already now but I started this one and now i am so hooked. So please don’t take too long getting the second and third one out there k? I am about 75% done so I am putting the pressure you don’t need on to write write write! You are a good writer and this is a really good story.

      rogerjackson2012 said:
      January 28, 2014 at 10:59 am


      Thank you for getting A Gathering of Lions and Lambs. I’m glad you are enjoying it. You are right, this will be a trilogy, maybe a series. I have Book 2 written. All I need is a cover and it will be ready to publish. Also thanks for sharing it on Facebook. I’d appreciate a review if you have the time. I’ll let you know when Book 2, A Reckoning of Lions and Lambs, is released.

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