Power Play

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Power.  It’s an interesting word.  It sounds good when you say it out loud, and it feels good to say it.  It implies strength, potency.  It’s a good thing, right?

It can be.  Power by itself is neutral.  How it is used can give it more definition.  We see the misuse of power everywhere.  Bosses, politicians, administrators, and even clergy sometimes overstep the boundaries of their positions.  Some of them are power hungry fools, but some do it without realizing how far they go in making that power play.

You know what I mean.  You have the power to make something happen and you know it should happen, so you push for it.  Sometimes you push real hard.  You’re playing the power card.  Again, not necessarily a bad thing, but the person with the power has to know where that elusive boundary lies.

I said I wouldn’t talk endlessly about my writing, but I will delve into it now and then; and power is one subject in the Lions and Lambs Saga.  This series of books is a post-apocalyptic story about a young man who places himself into a role of leadership; something he has never really aspired to before. 

It follows his journey from average, contemporary teenager to the leader of a powerful community that rules over the eastern half of the United States.  At first, he doesn’t feel powerful.  He has doubts about his ability to lead.  He fears many things; most of all failure.

But he learns the meaning of power, and how addictive it is.  He comes to like it, and then to crave it.   He begins to use it, and then misuse it.  Like so many before him, he doesn’t understand how far he pushes the envelope between right and wrong.

Power is not a simple thing, and it is not easily controlled.  People who have power also have a great responsibility.  We think of lions as being powerful.  Of course they are, but so are lambs.  People like Gandhi, Jesus, and Mother Teresa have been some of the most influential and powerful people on Earth, but their power came from confidence and weakness; like a lamb.

The main character of the Lions and Lambs Saga faces a choice of wielding power like a lion or a lamb.  At times, so do we.  It’s not always an easy choice.


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