How about a Good Read?

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I have been haunting a website for the past couple of months.  It is called  It’s a cool site.  It’s a large site. is composed of groups; lots of groups.  There appears to be a group that can fit just about anyone’s personality.  I’ve made a few friends there, and my book sales have gone up a little.  I hope that trend continues.

I noticed offers for author interviews on the site, but I also saw some for interviews with the characters from a book or series.  I’ve not seen that before.  That’s interesting, and I may do that at some point.  For now, I’ll stick with being myself, but it gave me the idea of introducing and describing the characters in my books.  So here they are, both good and bad.  I’ll do one at a time.

A Shade of Mind

Bobby Hawkins is a star basketball player for Washington High School in Washington Pennslyvania, a small city not too far from Pittsburg.  They are the Prexies (a nickname for Presidents).  Even though Bobby is one of the best ball handlers in the state and is a major reason for his team’s success, he is not very popular.  Bobby is a bully, a goof-off, and just downright mean.  He pushes around anyone smaller than him and takes pleasure in bad-mouthing the girl’s volleyball team.  Volleyball isn’t a real sport anyway, not like basketball.

While out drinking with his “buddies”, everyone in the car but Bobby dies in a horrible crash.  Even Bobby codes out for a short time, but he is brought back.  After that, he changes.  Not because he wants to so much, but because something in his subconscious mind urges him to change.  Something, or someone, has hitched a ride in the back of his mind after his near-death experience, and it won’t leave him alone.

His injuries keep him off the basketball team, so Stowaway (his nickname for the unknown presence) puts it into his mind to volunteer to work for the volleyball team.  It seems there is a girl on the team he needs to meet, to get close to, to — protect.   Bobby doesn’t know why, but Stowaway will not let him rest until he does.  Bobby finds out that he needs this girl as much as she needs him.  She, and Stowaway, change his life.



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