Gone and Forgotten? I Hope Not!

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First, let me apologize for waiting so long in adding a new post to my blog.  I believe a blog should be kept active once it is started.  If it is neglected, then take it down.  I’ve been neglectful, and I’m sorry.

I’ve not done a lot of writing in the past few months.  I’m still working on the third installment of the Lions and Lamb Saga entitled A War of Lions and Lambs.  I have most of the story staged in my mind and I’m excited to get it written.  I’ve been busy, and I haven’t felt well.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several months ago.  I tried a few different medications that either do nothing, or they numb my brain more than my pain.  My doctor hasn’t found a combination that really works yet, so I’m trying to stay active (physically and mentally) in order to stay on top of everything.  I’m not trying to garner sympathy. I don’t feel unjustly afflicted by a partially debilitating disease.  It is what it is. Like everything else in life, it is merely a part of the journey.

With that being said, I did write some last night — and it felt good.  As the words appear on the computer screen, I forget about the nagging aches in my wrists and shoulders.  I lose myself in the lives of my characters.  I suppose it is a little like therapy.  I can inflict my pain on them without causing anyone any real harm.  I can work out issues through them.  Even though each character is different, every one of them is me to a degree.  I draw on the personalities and traits of people I know and meet along the way to help create these characters, but in doing so, I see the same traits in myself.  This gives me a connection to all the people in my life.  By understanding my character’s loves and fears and failures and triumphs, then I better understand the people around me — and myself — better.

There are so many stories waiting to be told, so many characters to choose from.  I hope to allow myself more time to write them all down in a way that is memorable.  That is my goal.


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