Pitfalls: Part 2

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In the Lions and Lambs Saga, Jacob Trimble emerges as a leader in a post-apocalyptic world where all survivors are no older than twenty years old.  In fact, he is only fifteen when the world he knows comes to an end.  He doesn’t know how to handle the situation, so he has to make up a plan of action as he goes.

Over time, Jacob hits pitfalls similar to the ones I described in my previous post.  He is afraid, angry, and resentful.  He encounters these same emotions in the people he is trying to lead.  Fear and anger turn into hatred in some and it infects other people like a disease.  All he can do is react.

And his reactions result in people dying.  It is a tough lesson to learn, but he must learn from it in order to lead more effectively.

So Jacob becomes more and more proactive.  He starts feeling better about his ability to govern his small community.  People like him — and he likes being liked.  They trust him — he begins to think he can handle just about anything.  Until strangers show up and threaten to destroy what he has built.

Even so, Jacob still believes he can handle this new boy who calls himself the Marauder and the gang who follows him.  This leads to a new pitfall:  arrogance.  Little does he know that the situation will again lead to chaos and more death; this time to someone he loves.  Jacob does figure out how to deal with this threat, but at a great price.

Jacob Trimble is a human being with many flaws.  He learns from his mistakes, but that doesn’t keep him from making new ones.  Pitfalls line the road of his life.  No matter how hard he tries, he can’t avoid them all.

In the third book of the series, A War of Lions and Lambs, Jacob becomes even more vigilant, taking total control over the life of the community.  He becomes hard and cold, but that doesn’t help him with the next pit that is as wide as the road he travels.  Jacob finds out how easy it is to allow fear and hatred creep into his life.

I hope to have this third book finished by the end of this year.  The first two books can be found at the following:

A Gathering of Lions and Lambs at Amazon
A Reckoning of Lions and Lambs at Amazon

A Gathering of Lions and Lambs at Smashwords
A Reckoning of Lions and Lambs at Smashwords

The books are also available at Barnes & Noble and Apple iStore.






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